Discover how musical acts are interrelated with TuneGlue


Remember our recent post about the Internet Map, an online map that shows you the interconnectivity of sites on the web? Well, this time we’ll be sharing something similar to the Internet Map, only that it shows the relationship of musicians, not websites.

TuneGlue has been on the web for a while now, but only few have knowledge of this nifty site. The developers from started working on it in 2006 and since then, the site has quietly made its way up the web with little popularity. Basically, TuneGlue is an interactive map that lets you explore the relationships between musical acts. By entering the name of a solo act or a band, you will be able to see singers and bands that sound like the one you keyed in, or groups that are comprised of the members of the band you entered. It’s a really handy site if you’re looking for new music to listen to, and you have a certain sound in mind based on another artist.

You can also view news updates and album releases of a certain artist. TuneGlue gets all it data from and Amazon.

To view all the related artists, all you have to do is click on the dot on the map next to the artist’s name, and click Expand. This will reveal a web of acts related to the artist you keyed in. What’s awesome about it is you can expand these related acts as well. This will give you a cool visualization of how several artists are interrelated. Just look at how far I got when I keyed in The Gaslight Anthem!