ED-7270 Robot assists in medical profession


We might have become discouraged after watching movies such as A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and I, Robot to actually trust these machines with our lives but despite the bad light Hollywood has put them in, they might just prove to be useful and perhaps even more effective (even if it means taking jobs away from humans, but that’s for a different post).

One such robot is the ED-7270 Robot which can now help assist doctors and perhaps even make the nurses’ lives a bit easier. The ED-7270 Robot can take patient’s blood pressure, pulse and send any updated information directly to the hospital. The droid not only talks, but it can remind patients to take their meds as well as to keep them company in case they’re feeling the hospital blues.

As of now, the ED-7270 Robot is being tested as a pilot project in senior and nursing homes in Australia.


Source: Trendhunter