Ever wonder if we’ve really landed on the moon? (Here’s a hint: WE HAVE.)


While it is common knowledge that we, as a species have made it to the moon. We did so in 1969. Really. Still, there are those among our race that don’t believe this. For them, there is just no proving that the feat has in fact been achieved. These people will also continue to believe that the flouride in drinking water is there so satellites can track us despite THIS video by S.G. Collins, which, while not going so far as to say we did land on the moon (we did though), says that NASA could not have faked it. Collins is a writer/filmmaker who presents his thesis in a comedic manner so as to hold the attention of even the most attention-deficient adult. If you want to have a little more to say in the next “fake moon landing” debate, give this video a watch. You might learn something.