Fake anti-virus scammer contacts security vendor, hilarity ensues


There’s plenty of bad people on the internet that’ll try to take advantage of not-so-savvy internet users. One modus operandi of these people is to call you at your house and tell you that they’ve detected something wrong with your PC, either a virus or something similar. They’ll ask you to let them check your PC via a remote administration tool which they’ll then use to disable your computer, subsequently blaming a “virus” for the failure. Unfortunately for them, they made the mistake of calling Noah Magram, principal software engineer with Sourcefire, a firm that specializes in cybersecurity. Noah takes the opportunity to get their entire modus operandi on video, using a virtual machine on his PC. The entire video is a bit boring unfortunately, but it’s still something that most people need to watch, especially the internet-clueless, as Noah expertly dissects and explains all dirty tricks that scammers use on unwitting victims.

Source: Sourcefire (YouTube)