Fallout Vault Dweller Dunks is music to your… feet.


Hardcore Fallout videogame fans may want to check out these custom kicks created by Jacob Patterson. But these are more than just sporting a few logos and designs unique to the game – the shoes have iPod Touches sewn into the tongues that play music from the actual game and anything related to it.

From the artist:
The tongues feature jailbroken iPod Touches that have been given sounds, themes, apps, music, and related materials to fit the Fallout universe. Originally I had planned to sculpt or paint the tongues out to look like the actual Pip-Boy device, but it was too noisy. Instead, I trusted the Pip-Boy theme to do the job, and it does in a much more subtle way. On the sides are painted a soldier in Power Armor from Fallout 3 and a Ranger from New Vegas.
Source: Trendhunter