Fan made Golden Axe game available to download, is better than everything


Gamers who grew up with the Sega Genesis almost instantly recognizes the side scrolling beat ’em up Golden Axe. I mean, who could forget that dwarf with his comically oversized axe, the Conan-like barbarian and the lady with the big..erhm..sword.

Well some fans thought, “we should totally make a prequel game of Golden Axe”, and that’s totally what they did. The result is Golden Axe Myths, a fan made prequel that manages to both entertain and drown players with 90’s nostalgia. The graphics have been updated to conform to modern standards and there’s some additional artwork and music thrown in for good measure. The whole thing is free to download via the group’s website and you should be downloading this right now because DUDE, GOLDEN AXE.

Next up: Streets of Rage. We can dream, right?

Via: Joystiq

Source: Golden Axe Myth