Get your fitness on with the UltraFit3000


I recently purchased a 1-year gym membership (for the first time in my life) in hopes of achieving the ultimate bridal body come my wedding next year (and hopefully fitting into that tinny tiny little wedding dress I plan on wearing.) Of course, for something as utterly tedious as exercise, I enjoy the accompaniment of my “workout” tunes, especially when I’m on the treadmill. But alas, my iPod earphones tend to fall right out in the middle of my run and it can be so distracting, I end up almost tripping right off the machine.

But with Polk UltraFit3000 Headphones, you’re sure it stays secure and snug right where it belongs. The over-ear hook design keeps it attached to your ears while the in-ear canal design cancels out background noise so you can keep out all the painful grunting and groaning of your fellow gym-goers. Three different cable lengths options are available with volume control and a built-in mic compatible with smartphones.


Source: Polkaudio