GoPad: for people in motion


They say it’s better (and healthier) to stand rather than to sit when you’re working at your desk. That’s why there are many “elevated” desks that solve the problems that occur after sitting hunched over ogling at your computer for way too long. And in this age of tablets, it’s no different. But if standing is a better way to stay fit, then walking around will give you double the benefit.

In comes the GoPad, an iPad accessory designed for tablet users. It’s a two-piece kit that has a harness and a stand allowing you take your pad comfortably wherever you go. Just strap it around your neck and adjust your tablet down to where your waist is. It will keep your pad safe and secure, better than those slippery digits. And though it won’t block your view, just make sure you look up every once in awhile so you don’t bump into anything when you’re walking WHILE using your tablet.