Hacker builds the R2-D2 you are looking for with Raspberry Pi


It’s not surprising that the $25 Linux PC known as the Raspberry Pi is showing up everywhere there are tinkerers, but this latest creation by hacker Lingxiang Xiang for his girlfriend pretty much takes the cake. Aside from making guys everywhere look bad, Lingxiang Xiang created a voice controlled R2-D2 with nothing but a cheap, Raspberry Pi, a broken R2-D2 and massive skills. His version of R2 tracks people via face recognition, and responds to voice commands in both English and Chinese.

Lingxiang Xiang originally wanted to create a Wall-E robot, but found out that the frame was too small to accommodate the machinery contained within. He built the device as a birthday gift for his girlfriend, which makes the whole thing 100 times cooler. We’ve embedded the video of the thing in action below, and Lingxiang Xiang has promised that he will be releasing a step-by-step guide to how he did it in the coming days.