Hacker finds way to run iOS apps on BlackBerry PlayBook


The BlackBerry PlayBook has been maligned numerous times in the past, but in fact the tablet itself isn’t that bad. Most of the criticism stems from the dire lack of apps available on the little tablet that could, something that even the OS 2.0 update couldn’t fix. That’s all set to change however, if CrackBerry forum user businesscat2000 has anything to say about it. This intrepid hacker has found a way to make iOS apps work on the PlayBook. His apparent mastery of code has been confirmed by the CrackBerry forum, and he has shown actual video of iOS apps running on the PlayBook. Sadly,  businesscat2000 has not completely shown off how he’s managed to make these iOS run in the PlayBook but we’re sure he’s going to release the program that he made to do it eventually. When he does, we can imagine that there’s going to be a surge of BlackBerry PlayBook sales – I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to run iOS apps in this tablet, right?

Source: CrackBerry