Hands-down the BEST keyboard replacement you can get for your ‘Droid


There are a lot of things great about a touchscreen interface. It gives you unparalleled control over your device and is wonderfully customizable. The thing about it is the keyboard you’re left to deal with. We’ve tried a lot of them: stock keyboards, external ones, exotic layouts and even scribbly ones, but we’ve found a software keyboard that beats them all. Swiftkey X is a keyboard that not only offers a traditional layout with perfectly-spaced keys, but also gives you incredibly powerful software that runs in the background that gives you intelligent word prediction and correction that learns. As soon as ayou are done installing the app and enable it, you are asked by the app for access to your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and wordpress accounts so it learns your writing style and word combinations. It’s a little creepy at first, but security worries aside, it does a really REALLY great job. You can configure it according to how you use your keyboard, and have up to three languages (sadly though, Tagalog is not available). There are even usage statistics so you see just how effective the app is at saving you time and frustration. Sadly, the app isn’t free. Both the tablet and phone version go for about PhP200, and while there is a free version, it expires after a month. Give it a shot, or read up on it HERE.