Have you listened to your barcode lately?


Barcodes are nothing new. They have been around for decades as a way of storing a little bit of machine-readable information in a suitably small space. There have been other advancements in this realm that are just as interesting, such as QR codes, but even that has started to become a little boring. Chris Harrison, a rather clever researcher, has recently developed a little trick to the barcode that is so simple, you’ll wonder how nobody has ever thought of it before. All it requires is a bunch of lines, etched into any surface, and a mic. Run something across the surface, and the mic picks up the unique pattern and executes a command. It’s so simple, elegant and clever, you can’t help but be even just a little amused. We’re not sure just what advantages this will have, but we like the idea just the same.

For more info on the new tech, head over to the link HERE.