Here’s something for all you iPhoneographers


Looking to expand the scope of your iPhoneography? Then you should check these out.

It’s no secret that the iPhone packs a pretty great camera, and plenty of photographers have turned to using it to caputre images of events and news instead of lugging around a DSLR. But if you’re looing to put a fun twist on your iPhone’s lens, you might want to check out Holga’s iPhone Lens Filter Kit.

Holga is selling a “Special Lens & Filter Turret” for the iPhone 4 and 4S. It;s actually a case for your device that is equipped with 9 special effects and filters, with a design inspired by a rotary dial. Some of the effects include a Quadruple Image Lens that produces 4 identical images and a Red Filter.

Similarly, the iPhone Lens Dial offers a rotary inspired design, but is aimed more towards the “serious iPhoneographer.” When attached to your iPhone, it gives your three lenses: 0.7x wide angle, 0.33x Fisheye and a 1.5x Telephoto. This is probably a little bit more useful than Holga’s offering, and does add a lot of flexibility to the iPhone’s camera.