How gaming can help save the world


Most of the world’s natural calamities, from devastating earthquakes to massive tsunamis to raging typhoons has been an effect of climate change. It’s been a long-time battle as far as I can recall, when it was just the “greenhouse effect” that had everyone too scared to go outside without sunblock (or in our case, an umbrella) lest they get skin cancer due to the huge hole in the ozone layer. There have been many more environmental advocacies since then and with the help of social media, it’s now become easier to get involved in creating solutions to these problems.

The Gaming For Good event was one such avenue to encourage participants to come with solutions via gaming concepts.

Former Vice President Al Gore, founder of the Climate Reality Project shares, “People all around the world are now are expressing a very strong conviction that we have to shift to low-carbon technologies, we have to make our economy sustainable and not destructive to the ecosphere. They are starting to demand much more responsible solutions.” And with social media, “Individuals have easy access, almost no barriers to access. Ideas matter.”


Gaming For Good from Piers Fawkes on Vimeo.


Source: PSFK