HzO makes your gadgets impervious to water


Water plus gadgets equals disaster. It’s one of those things that we, as consumers, have accepted as a fact of life. One accidental trip to the bath tub, sink or even a toilet means that our smartphone or tablet is destined for a life as a paperweight. Of course, that needn’t be the case says a company named HzO which has found a way to make your gadgets waterproof without the need for bulky waterproof cases. The company applies a special coating on all electronic parts of a gadget, and as you can see on the demo video linked below, electronic gadgets can now sleep with the fishes without any ill effects. The company says that their waterproofing solution isn’t intended as an aftermarket solution (as it’ll be too expensive), it’s instead being offered to device manufacturers as part of their manufacturing process. The best part is that HzO says that their waterproofing solution shouldn’t raise the prices of existing gadgets if it’s adopted.

Source: IDG