Jawbone UP: bracelet that may UP the years of your life


It’s ironic, that despite much technological advancement, we as a race are still plagued by disease, the most ironic of which is the growing rate of lifestyle-related diseases and the harmful effects of both malnutrition and obesity. So if we not only want to prolong our lives but improve the quality of it as well, we should begin thinking up of new innovations that will help us achieve both.

Jawbone recently introduced an electronic bracelet that can track your movement, sleep patterns and eating habits and put that information in the palm of your hand. Named UP, the band serves users the whole day and night via sensors which relay movement and sleep patterns to an app accessible to either your phone, tablet, or computer. Users can also type in the nutritional data of their diet. Equipped with all of this information, the app allows you to catalogue your daily activity and tailor-fit a lifestyle that’s right (and healthy) for you.

But don’t worry. The UP is designed to not cramp your style and remain comfortable to wear.

And who says good things had to taste (or in this case, look) bad?

The Jawbone UP is due to be released later this year.


Source: Coolhunting