Leaked ROM for BlackBerry Bold 9900 adds Wi-Fi hotspot support


Android users have always had a leg up over BlackBerry users in terms of functionality, especially when it came to sharing their data connection to other devices via the Wi-Fi hotspot functionality present in the latest builds of Android. Well, BlackBerry Bold 9900 users need not be envious, as a leaked ROM from RIM  (version purportedly brings Wi-Fi hotspot functionality to the device. Crackberry also reports that it theoretically should also bring the BlackBerry Tag feature (NFC) to the mix, though that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. If you’re the sort that knows your way around the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you can download the ROM on the links below to test it out on your own device. Don’t forget to tell us how it is, ‘mmkay? Just don’t blame us when something goes wrong.

Source: Crackberry