Little Boxes turns your iPad into a hand crank music box


Say hello to the “Little Boxes” project—a set of three wooden devices you can hook up to your iPad to make it play music, just like an old-fashioned music box.

Each of the three devices, varying in size, produces a different tune. Just place the wooden device on your iPad’s screen and crank the lever to produce soothing music. Winding up the lever not only produces music, but also interactive visual effects on the iPad’s screen.

Designed by Joelle Aeschlimann, these innovative iPad devices are made with those rubber tips they use on tablet stylus pens. According to an article on Mashable, the Adobe Air iOS software “recognizes the rotating mechanical movements and is able to generate music and visual content on the screen”.

Here’s a video of this awesome project in action:

Sources: Mashable and TheVerge