Locally made Starstruck Android game makes you enjoy hitting telenovela starlets


There was an obscure game that we played before called Rose and Camilla that consisted of you bitch-slapping the hell out of your fiance’s female family members (put your pitchforks down, you play a woman in it) and we have to tell you, it was a blast to play.

So when local dev Komikasi Enterprises gave us a heads up that their take on the female slapping genre, Starstruck, was finally making its debut in the Android market, we couldn’t resist featuring it here. The game plays out like Rose and Camilla, but instead of playing the bride-to-be, you’re the underdog artista that’s being bullied by the surly kontrabida. The game pokes fun at the telenovelas that are currently plying the local airwaves, and you get to slap actresses named Jholenz Magpantal and Trudy Ann De los Santos.

The game is available for free, with the team at Komikasi saying that the full version will ship with a bit more features via the “Chorva mode” which include the ability to create your own artista, unlockable characters and a survival mode. The game will drop on the Android and iOS marketplace this December.

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