Make hors d’oeuvres in an instant with Pigs in a Blanket Maker


I don’t know about you but I love to cook for family and friends. Of course, I don’t usually like the aftermath and the clean-up I have to face after preparing simple appetizers like chicken and fish fingers (my specialties). But for those who want to whip something up quick and easy, minus the hassle of washing a sink full of dishes, there’s the Pigs in a Blanket Maker.

The Pigs in a Blanket Maker (as the name suggests) can whip up your favorite little sausage hors d’oeuvres in time for that spontaneous get-together at your place. But you can also create these adorable bite-sized snacks anytime, whether you’re alone or hosting some lunch/dinner party. And since the maker also comes with a recipe book, you’re sure to get a variety of finger-foods that’ll keep the guests asking for seconds.