Making calls more personal with Leadtek videophone


When Beyonce collaborated with Lady Gaga, I hadn’t known anyone else who had ever asked a person to “catch them on their videophones.” But with the Leadtek AMOR8210 Videophone, I think even I would want to be “caught” on one.

With a large 7-inch touchscreen display, built-in speakers, microphones, and a built-in WiFi module for portability, chatting with family, friends, and colleagues takes on a more personal note which may even encourage better understanding and communication as opposed to just texting or calling. It comes with VoIP telephoning capabilities as well as the traditional landline hookup. The Leadtek AMOR8210 also comes with an array of features which include entertainment, health care, security surveillance, media player, 3-way video conference call and location base service (LBS) integration.