Meet djay – an app that can turn you into a dj


I like to consider myself a purist, but this new app looks irresistible. Especially once I found out how much it cost.

Meet djay, an app created by Algoriddim that will turn your iOS device into a virtual DJ rig, granting users the capability (but not the ability) to mix their music library.

The interface looks pretty sleek – it features a pair of virtual turntables and a mixer that are controlled via touch.  Once a song is cued or played, its album art appears on the spinning “vinyl record”, which users can “scratch” as well. Just like a real DJ.

The app is quick and efficient and will instantly sync with your device’s library. Searching for songs immediately reveals valuable information such as tempo (BPM) in real time.  While there is an option for the software to automatically mix your songs together, djay is fully capable as a real rig for those who want to take a stab at DJ’ing .

Featuring a Split Output mode, users can use a stereo to mono splitter to connect their iDevice to speakers and headphones, meaning they can cue songs and mix them together just like an actual physical setup. The app also features a number of tools, such as a 3-band EQ and a looper, making it an intuitive and complete dj’ing app.

djay for iPhone costs only 99 cents (approximately Php 48) and is available in the App Store.

With a price like that, how can you resist?


Source: Gizmag