Moleskine: from notebooks to reading glasses


The legendary notebook of artists, writers, intellectuals and travelers, Moleskine has broadened its horizons beyond its pages and released a collection of accessories suitable for the aforementioned types or those who simply enjoy quality and the classic forms (and just like to read and write like I do).

The Moleskine New Collections focus on writing, travelling, and reading. Though this collection includes bags, cases, writing tools and small electronics made by Giulio Iacchetti and retain the same simple aesthetic as that of the Moleskine notebooks, one piece I am personally interested in are the Moleskine Black Reading Glasses. Measuring 5.25 x 1.125 inches (13.34 x 2.86 cm) and weighing only 2oz (0.1lbs), the lightweight rectangular acetate frames give you comfort and versatility as the symmetrical design allows you to wear the glasses however way you put them on. Spring hinges give it a perfect fit while the lenses are plastic, scratch-resistant, distortion-free and come in a variety of focal lengths. So whether you’re into paperback novels or e-books, this lovely pair will make the joys of reading more comfy and definitely, more fashionable.

Available in black and transparent and are sold online for $49.95. Case sold separately.


Source: Moleskine