Newest Max Payne 3 trailer has us wishing it was May 15 already


Any self-respecting gamer who group up in 2000 would remember Max Payne – that smooth, slow narrating cop who always had a knack for slipping into a gunfight (or two). Now he’s back in his third outing – older, somewhat wiser, and definitely balder. The latest trailer from Rockstar games confirms that while Max had put on a bit of  weight, he’s still the badass that we know and love. The trailer also lays down the rough premise of the game – a millionaire’s trophy wife has been kidnapped, and it’s up to Max to get her back. The game currently has a release date of May 15, and you can bet your sweet little tushie that we’ll be coming up with a review as soon as we get our copy. For now, you can watch the latest trailer below.