No more “cold feet” with Hammacher Schlemmer battery-powered socks



I don’t know about your office but here at Gadgets, it can get pretty nippy. And the fact that I sit right below the air conditioner and insist on wearing shorts and dresses to work doesn’t help my shivering, frost-bitten calves and feet which I usually cover with a jacket or scarf. As if that’s bad, afterwards, I’d need to lather on the lotion from all the cracking and the cold.  But with Hammacher Schlemmer battery-powered socks, you’re sure to keep your legs and feet nice and toasty way beyond the end of your shift. Strewn with wool, these 12-hour heated socks also feature Thermostat warmth which are these “hollow-core fibers that trap air while moving moisture away from skin.” All you need are two D batteries and you can say goodbye to “cold feet.”