Nokia Lumia 920 crushed by 24 ton truck, still works


Smartphone durability is something that’s been increasingly addressed in the past few years. Before, several drops could possibly render a smartphone useless because the screen might crack. But Nokia took the smartphone durability test to the extreme and had a 24 ton (around 48,000 lbs/21,768.7 kg) heavy-duty truck run over the Nokia Lumia 920. Surprisingly (even for Nokia, which is known for its durability), the Lumia 920 passed the test despite a shattered screen. The unit was still able to make and receive calls. Here is the Lumia 920 after the test:

Other smartphones would probably not even still be in one piece, but the Lumia 920 managed to stay that way (even though its screen didn’t). It’s obvious that Nokia Care won’t be repairing the phone, but the owner of the device, Ossi Pyykkönen, was so impressed by the ruggedness of the phone that he plans on buying a new one to replace the smashed model, so we can also guess that he will also be giving much of his future smartphone business to Nokia as well.

Source: WPCentral