Now that the BB10 phones are out, let’s get cracking.


The Z10, BlackBerry’s first BB10 devices, are out and available through local telcos. The next question is: “What can we do with them?” The BB10 ecosystem is awesome, but admittedly does not have the wealth of apps available to its other mainstream OS counterparts. Fortunately, the dudes over at have demonstrated that it is possible to sideload some some Android APKs onto the the BB10, and have them work. It’s pretty cool, and yet another reason for all of us to want a BB10 device, apart from the just being so very pretty. If you’re interested in finding out how to get this done, you’ll need a BB10 device, the necessary USB cable, a Windows PC and this link over HERE. Now, we aren’t responsible if your BB10 device dies, bricks or causes your kitten to explode. Just warning you. Get to it, and let us know how it goes!