Now your iPhone can open your bottle of… soda.


So you’ve been working all week, brain’s turned to mush, and you want nothing more than a well-deserved night out with the crew and several cases of below zero beers. But there’s no other buzz-kill like not being able to open your own impatiently awaiting bottle (and you don’t have the talent or the nerve to open it with your teeth and it’s not like you carry around a bottle opener wherever you go). So Aussie minds and Industrial Designer Chris Peters and Rob Ward, decided to incorporate the bottle opener into something you would never leave home without: your phone.

The Opena iPhone 4 case (which just makes having an iPhone so much cooler, in my opinion) is a mobile phone protector and cover that can support the slide out stainless steel bottle cap opener. It’s sleek, slim, and won’t put any force on your phone in case you think it’ll snap it in half with prolonged use.

Just remember to drink moderately and you and your phone will be just fine.