Pacific Rim. You’ve (probably) seen the film. Now drift in and play robojockey


If, like many viewers out there, you saw the movie Pacific Rim but were left looking for more action after the closing credits, don’t despair. While there are talks of a sequel happening some time in the future, that won’t be coming for some time, if at all. Before you queue up for another ticket and go 12 more rounds with the Kaiju, why not grab your mobile device and give the Pacific Rim game a  quick try?

Pacific Rim‘s official mobile game gives you stunning fighting game that has combat akin to the Infinity Blade series, involving swipes, taps and a series of Kaiju to beat to a pulp. particularly vicious victories and special finishers give you in-game currency which you can use to unlock new Jaegers, weapons and upgrades, as well as buffs that can be used in combat. There are also special objectives within somemissions that will net rewards, so the better you play, the more you can do.

The price of admission is USD 4.99 (approximately PHP220, or the price of a second viewing of Pacific Rim), so you won’t really have to break open the piggy bank to get into the cockpit of Gipsy Danger, or any of the other, awesome mecha from the movie.

iOS users can head over to the app store, give “Pacific Rim” a quick search , or give this LINK a hit, and get ready to kill a few hours of your life beating giant extra-dimensional monsters to a blue pulp. Android users can hit this LINK for their own version of the game, too!

In the meantime, watch the video above for actual, in-game footage couresy of iGamesView.