Protect those prized lenses with a Photorito


Many of my photographer-friends have this tendency to baby their cameras and their prized lenses – how they’d rather lug it around than leave without them in sight. Not that I blame them… sometimes even the lenses cost more than the cameras so if there were a way to not only protect them from being scratched, broken, or stolen, I’m sure photogs will be all over it.

Introducing the Photorito Lens Wrap. This protective lens wrap keeps your prized lenses in place all nice and snug, in any bag. It’s made out of Tyvek and cushioned with neoprene so you won’t need to go gasping for air if in case you accidently drop your camera bag with your lenses in it. The best part? The Photorito Lens Wrap looks like a burrito wrap. This delicious disguise may encourage unsuspecting onlookers to go out and grab some Mexican food but at least it’ll fool the camera thieves… unless Mexican food is their favorite.