Review: PressReader


The way that we acquire our news today has changed vastly over a short period of time. Everything is instant, as we now have a multitude of methods to receive immediate updates. In fact, we are all now able to receive reports as they actually happen.

Now that obtaining instant updates is yesterday’s news, what comes into play now is the manner and format in which we acquire our information. This is where PressReader rises on a pedestal: by providing its users full digital replicas of print newspapers, retaining the traditional feel of leafing through paper pages that many of us have grown accustomed to, and actually prefer.

This author was able to test PressReader on both an Android smartphone and an iPad, but this review will only focus on the latter.



Installing the app is hassle free – users may visit PressReader’s official webpage and choose their operating system or they may also opt to acquire it directly through iTunes or the Android Market.

Once installed, browsing through the PressReader store reveals the numerous subscriptions available from various countries. At the time this article was written, the available subscriptions listed under the Philippines are: The Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Manila Times, The International Herald Tribune, Sun Star Cebu and Uno Magazine. Simply select the edition you wish to subscribe to, and the app will ask if you would like to automatically receive new updates.

Once subscribed, acquiring your daily digital “newspaper” is as easy as opening the app and watching a progress bar appear, indicating that the current edition is downloading. Depending on your internet speed, this shouldn’t take any longer than brewing a cup of fresh coffee.



Now, while conclusions are usually reserved until the end of an article, this reviewer cannot contain himself.

PressReader is brilliant, convenient and utterly addicting. It is perhaps the best method of consuming news in a digital format, especially for those who prefer the layout of traditional newspapers.

One of the obvious advantages would be the ability to zoom in to specific articles and magnify text and photos, which will appeal to those who struggle with the minuscule font size on print newspapers. With the PressReader app installed on your iPad, those with inhibited eyesight can finally put their magnifying glass away.

Another great feature is the ability to select the specific page you wish to view, which is done by way of a scroll bar/browser. Once a page is selected, simply touching on an article’s title (which PressReader conveniently highlights), will automatically zoom in to fit it to the iPad’s screen.

Double-tapping on an article will open a pop-up window, allowing a further magnified view in a format similar to an RSS feed. This window also reveals an additional option to “listen” to the news via an automated vocal recording. This reviewer found it rather impressive, regardless of the fact that slight mispronunciations of local places and names would sometimes occur, which is quite understandable. Nevertheless, it’s quite remarkable and offers the ability to multi-task while still “reading” the news, which is perfect for those who don’t seem to have enough time in a day.

PressReader should also find a following among travelers, as users can get themselves up to date on the political and social climate of the country they are about to arrive in. Additionally, the app further allows its users to keep up with their local newspapers back home as well. So whether you are a frequent flyer or a tourist embarking on an adventure, PressReader is an extremely valuable app to have.



Having been able to use PressReader these last few months has been absolutely amazing. It provides all the essential features, offers numerous subscriptions, and is refreshingly easy to use. It is perfect for old souls who prefer the feel of paper crumple and wrinkle between their fingertips, as this app provides a great transition into the digital realm of obtaining news.

In short, PressReader is not just an amazing app – it might quite possibly be the news app to get.