Robotic-assisted eye surgery for better vision


Eye surgery may arguably be one of the scariest types of surgery anyone has to undergo. There’s always that fear of losing your vision and the fact that you’re wide-eyed and awake for the entire procedure isn’t really all that comforting. Let’s add the human variable of malpractice and sheer human error.

PhD researcher Thijs Meenink from the Eindhoven University of Technology hopes to minimize the anxiety from this type of procedure as well as the dangers and has developed a remote surgery system that takes the place of humanoid doctors. This smart eye-surgery robot will allow eye surgeons to operate with greater precision, even when the hand tremors start to kick in as they age. But don’t worry – the ophthalmologist has full control of the robot. It’s almost like the robotic-assisted surgery The Medical City launched last year, a treatment program that hopes to achieve better outcomes and less recovery time when it comes to invasive surgery.


Source: Trendhunter