Tablet keyboard with elevating keys called Levitatr


For someone who can’t quite justify the need for a tablet (nor reconcile the tedium of a touchscreen), I’ve learned that perhaps the one thing that would make it enticing for a person like me to purchase one would be a keyboard. And I think I’ve found just the keyboard with James Stumpf’s Levitatr iPad Keyboard.

The Levitatr iPad Keyboard is an aluminum Bluetooth keyboard accessory for iPads, iPhones, iPods and (hopefully) other devices once it is fully developed. It measures in at 12.5mm thick and has elevating keys that elevate and light up when in use and retract and turn off when they’re not. An aluminum precision-machined kickstand (aka ALUMNM) folds out to hold the tablet/device between a 20 and 30° angle.


Source: Kickstarter