Tabletop forge lets you play RPGs on Google+


If you’ve ever wanted to play RPGs, but can’t get enough people to leave their own houses and join you? It’s okay. We can’t either. Tabletop Forge lets you get your game on from the comfort of your computer chair. All you need is a G+ account, and the app takes care of everything you need to play your tabletop RPG. You have all the dice, map utilities and conversation windows you need to form a party and slay whatever malevolent being you see fit to and rescue the princess/retrieve the magical gem/restore balance in the universe. There are also plans to expand the features list to give the best gaming experience outside of a round table in your mother’s basement with your favorite dice-chucking friends. It’s another Kick Starter project, but it’s met their target with time to spare, so all we have to sit back and wait for the complete package to drop. If you’re looking to get your game on, head on over to this LINK and find out more.