Take a look “Into the Minds of Women Who Game Online”


I was never a big “online” gamer but I did love to play videogames along with the rest of the boys during the days of Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Play Station 1 (I stopped there). And even though I still like to play Final Fantasy on my DS and Angry Birds (with a vengeance) on my iPod Touch, I don’t think I can truly consider myself a gamer. But these stats by GameHouse might just be accurate if I were to look at how videogames affected my life.

‘Into the Minds of Women Who Game Online’ shows an illustrated chart examining the lives of those who play online games, 55% of which are women. According to the infographic, female online gamers seem more social, more likely to be in a relationship, and have a more “active” sex life than with their female non-gaming counterparts. Women who also play online games tend to (paradoxically enough) be more active when it comes to engaging in a form of physical exercise, contrary to the belief that gamers just sit around all day and become susceptible to heart attacks.

With the aforementioned stats, you can totally put me under “female gamer.”


Source: GameHouse