This is not the ‘Droid you’re looking for


As early as weeks off from the launch of the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4, rumors had started to circulate regarding what the new flagship phone will look like. A few days ago, a clear leader appeared, through a source that regularly caught leaks like this in the past, and the above mock-up started to get acceptance from the general public as the face of the new Galaxy. Lending credibility to the claim was @evleaks (the twitter account that gets the jump on leaks) took the tweets down a few days after.

Well, it’s not, apparently. The @evleaks tweet with the alleged photo took the shot from Expansys, a British company that sells mobile phones, and was one of their artists’ renditions of what they thought the Samsung Galaxy S4 would look like. This may also put speculations of more advanced “eye-scrolling” software rumors on the rocks, though at this point, maybe we should just wait and see what the Korean phone giant has n store for us. There it is folks. Though this could just be a massive smokescreen by the Koreans, it looks like we’ll actually have to wait to see what the next Galaxy is going to look like.