This isn’t your dad’s tablet – Microsoft exec uses a Surface tablet as a skateboard, still works fine afterwards


There’s a number of ways you can show the world that your product is capable of taking a beating. You can show them slide after slide of boring industry tests or show them video footage of their device getting pounded on a table by overenthusiastic tech reviewers.

Or if you’re a Microsoft, you can attach four wheels to a tablet and ride it around like a skateboard. Yes, that sentence really happened – Windows Unit President Steven Sinofsky wanted to show everyone just how tough Microsoft’s newest tablet was, so he rode it around Microsoft’s campus for a bit. Seems like that Magnesium case is tougher than it looks, and is probably able to take a lot of non-skateboard related abuse during its lifetime. Probably the only thing better than this stunt is seeing Tim Cook roll up using two iPads as inline roller blades.

Source: AllThingsD