Transform your iPhone into a rangefinder



Do you love your iPhone but crave the alluring charm of vintage rangefinders? Then you may want to check out the Gizmon iCa.

The fusion of analog design into digital gadgets is always awesome, and with the growing trend of people capturing images with their smartphones, this new case should find a pretty solid fan base.

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The Gizmon iCa offers an interesting twist to your iPhone and provides some useful features to boot. Once attached, it has a built-in shutter button and an optical viewfinder, (although we don’t know how well they actually perform just yet). There are also attachable Macro and Fisheye lenses, two “mock lenses” and a small tripod.  The best part is that your iPhone remains fully functional even when the case is fastened on.

Cost? It’s $65 (approx. Php 2,800) available here online.