Wear your transit card with OI.


For a country that really needs to revamp its public transportation to make traveling more efficient, here’s something that may help. Since the only transit card is available for the Manila Metro Rail Train System (MRT), a similar (and much simpler way) to board other forms of public transportation (particularly the bus) comes in the form of Oi – a wearable transit card. Designed by Benjamin Parton and like London’s Oyster card which is a contactless smart card with embedded integrated circuits that can process and store data, and communicate with a terminal via radio waves, Oi also uses an RFID chip except put into something more fashionable.

Now you can wear your Oi, as a ring or a widget on your watch. This way, you won’t need to hold up the line of impatient passengers ready to get to and from work, dig through your bag, your wallet, your purse, or even your pocket just to get that ride.

If only it could make it’s way here.


Source: Yankodesign