Who’s suing who – an easy to understand graphic of the current patent war [INFOGRAPHIC]


So Google bought Motorola Mobility a couple of days ago. While Motorola has a lot of things going for it, a lot of people agree that one of the main reasons why El Googs bought it was Motorola’s burgeoning patent warchest – 17,000 patents and counting, which pretty much means that they now have enough ammunition to fight back patent litigation. That’s a good thing, as patents are now being used to pummel rivals into submission, something that Apple has done repeatedly to their competitors over the years. That’s not to say other companies are faultless – figuring out who’s suing who in this suit-happy world has become a challenge even for people who cover the technology beat. To understand the current patent war, the folks at Reuters have compiled this nice infographic to make it all easier to understand.

Source: Reuters