Will Arnett for Lumia 920


While this isn’t really meant for our market here in the Philippines, it’s interesting to see the approach Nokia is taking with the advertising for their Windows Phone 8 (WP8) device, the Lumia 920. They’ve given US consumers an interesting little TV ad with “international/regional” star Will Arnett of Arrested Development and 30 Rock fame. It’s pretty nice to see that Nokia is taking this direction with their campaign, as the world could always use a little fun, and this is a great lead-up to the return of Arrested Development in 2013. It also gives us a little hint as to what they’re doing to push the brand (celebrity endorsers aren’t cheap) as well as how their approach varies from the competition. And while Nokia isn’t alone in this ad campaign (AT&T has a big hand in it, we’re sure), it’s also great to see that they’re alive and kicking overseas. We’re all hoping for a similar push here at home; it’s a great phone with a nice OS and it would be a shame to see it go south. Hit the link HERE for the video.