Woman makes a Fallout-themed Monopoly board for her significant other, is spectacularly awesome


You gotta hand it to Deviant Art user PinkAxolotl – she’s managed to combine two things that geeks hold dear (Monopoly and Fallout) in one extremely awesome package. Though she says she made this for her boyfriend (which we gotta admit, is one lucky git) it could pass off as an official, licensed Monopoly product. This isn’t just one of those quick and dirty Monopoly homages either – she’s managed to recreate the iconic boardgame while infusing it with the post-apocalyptic style of the Fallout series – complete with Fallout perk themed chance cards and Nuka Cola caps  – which makes us wonder, why isn’t this a thing already? You can head on through the link below to check out the board at her Deviant Art page.

Source: Deviant Art (PinkAxolotl)