YouTube has a new look; better Google+ and Facebook integration


We noticed something new with our YouTube account today. Seems like the site has gone through some major overhaul, and now sports a improved homepage that makes it easier for you to track your friends activity through a multitude of social networking sites. There are now three main elements of the site: the left column where you’ll see all account related things (your channel, subscriptions, connected social networking accounts), the middle column where you’ll be seeing your friend’s activity (stuff your friends shared, liked and favorited) and the right column where YouTube suggests video for you to watch. One thing that we noticed was that once you connect your Facebook account to your YouTube, your friends will be able to see your activity on the site (what you watched, favorited and liked) similar to the “frictionless” sharing mantra that other sites are now rolling out. Thankfully it seems you can opt out of the whole “share everything what you’re doing on YouTube” thing if you wanted to and just log-out and watch videos anonymously. Do you like the changes YouTube has made? Sound off in the comments.