Airships Will Be Airborne Once Again


There is a high possibility that we will be seeing air ships in the sky once again, after almost 80 years since the infamous Hindenburg disaster.

A British Company called Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) has been working on developing these massive atmospheric modes of transportation, ever since the concept of resurrecting the design was begun in the 1970s.  The company’s new design will rely on a “vectored thrust from on-board engines” combined with helium.  Moreover, its overall design will resemble a hovercraft, allowing it to land independently on virtually any surface without aid from a crew on the ground.

If you think that this is all just a concept, think again. HAV has scored multimillion dollar contracts with the U.S. Army and Canada’s Discovery Air Innovations (DAI) for the airships. Official production and construction of the vehicles will be in 2012, with a projected completion of 2014.

The airship is reported be able to stay up in the air for up to 21 days, will be able to lift up to 200 tons and can travel at 100 knots (185 km/h). While the current uses outlined as per the contract is for intelligence and cargo transport, these vehicles from HAV could be useful in various other ways, such as providing humanitarian aid to remote and inaccessible areas.


Source: Gizmag