Akai introduces the MPC Renaissance controller


Based on the worldwide success of its original MPC line, Akai is set to release their newest controller, the MPC Renaissance.

There’s no doubt that the Akai MPC drum machine/sampler is legendary among musicians, used by artists worldwide ever since its inital release in 1988. As more people have transitioned into computer-based music, Akai has catered to the public’s needs by releasing USB/MIDI controllers, such as the MPD32 and the APC40.

Now however, they bring the same design of the iconic MPC to their controller range, and you know what? It’s about time. Some features include a Vintage Mode that switches the “sound character” between the different MPC models (which is mostly likely related to quantize and swing). It also features 16 backlit pads and Q-Link controls, with an adjustable LCD screen similar to the MPC2000XL.


Check out Akai Professional for more details.