Akai introduces the MPC Studio


Akai rolls out its second controller of the year, the slim and streamlined MPC Studio.

Last week, we brought you the insatiable MPC Renaissance, which caused quite a stir among local musicians at the limitless possibilites it could offer. Now, Akai surprises us once again with a brand new controller, which is remarkably under one-inch thin, proving once again that slim is in.

It has sleek aluminium exterior, and claims to have “real MPC pads” (although this has yet to be proven through actual use).  The 16-backlit pads look pretty good though, and the fact that it now features built-in swing and a larger LCD (as opposed to their earlier controllers), makes us quite excited. The addition of the four touch-sensitive dials on the left hand side looks like it could help a lot with an improved workflow as well.

It apparently also comes with MPC software, which can act as your main DAW or as a VST plug-in.

If you want to learn more, go here.