Asus X101 Eee PC is probably the cheapest netbook around, how does $199 grab you?


We spotted the Asus X101 Eee PC during today’s pre-Computex presscon of Asus, and we were immediately drawn to it because of two things: one, it was massively thin, and two, it ran MeeGo. What we didn’t know was that this anorexic netbook had another suprise up its sleeve – a $199 tag price.

No other than Asus Chairman Jonny Shih unveiled the price to an awestruck gathering of international media. A local Asus exec told us that they were targeting the education and government segment with the small netbook, which will probably retail at a little over Php 9,000 after duties, taxes and all that jazz. Specs include an Intel Atom N435 processor, 1o-inch screen and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.

That’s an Acer Iconia Smart smartphone beside it for comparison, and that particular gadget clocks in at 13.6mm.