Bitwig Studio announced, the first direct competitor of Ableton Live


Bitwig Studio is a software DAW intended for in-studio production, live performance and DJing. Sound familiar?

Apparently, rumor has it that the team behind Bitwig Studio is actually a handful of ex-Ableton employees, which explains the similartities between the two programs. Things should get interesting though when Bitwig is officially released, since this is the first program out there that stands as direct competition to Ableton Live, which has dominated the genre of live software applications for quite some time.

At first glance, Bitwig Studio looks pretty damn good on paper , and just might easily convert users to turn toward their software. It has features that Ableton does not – features that long time Live users have been asking for. Bitwig Studio is 64-bit compatible, offers native multi-platform support (Windows, PC, Linux), can be used with dual monitors, and has a re-sizable clip matrix.

After version 1 is released (no set date yet), Bitwig Studio will then expand to include multi-user jamming via LAN and multi-user production via the web.

Interested? Visit Bitwig to see the complete set of features.