Bring the family closer with My Super Circle Plan from Globe


My sisters and I may already be living independently and away from our parents, but our family maintains its ties and makes plans every week, thanks to our dependable Globe plans (we’ve been Globe subscribers since God knows when). Aside from the free phones and the great rebates (which my father and I actually inquired about earlier today at Globe), we all stay connected, whether to meet up for lunch or family-gather at home, no matter what city or country we’re in.

Mother’s Day is done and Father’s Day is fast approaching. But family days are celebrated every single day with My Super Circle Plan, the first and only unlimited and fully customizable group plan to keep your family ties strong and secure.

My Super Circle Plan keeps you connected not just to your nearest and dearest, with a brand-new bundle of three postpaid lines that you can get for only Php1,499 a month. For that price, you also get your choice of unlimited services: Try SuperUNLI for free-for-all calling and texting to family and friends on Globe and TM, or SuperDUO for all-you-can unlimited calls to Globe landlines and Globe and TM phones, or SuperTxtALL, the mother of all texting offers that will keep you in touch with virtually 84 million mobile users across all networks in the country.  Or you can try them all, one at a time, because with My Super Circle Plan, you can change your unlimited services every month.   If you want more bang for your buck, Globe gives you more add-ons to choose from on top of your My Super Circle plan, plus your choice of popular handsets like the Nokia X2-01 or the Samsung Corby II, all for free as part of your plan.  Also available are favorite gadgets like BlackBerry handhelds, Android-powered devices, and the top pick iPhone 4 which is newly available in a pristine white hue.

If you’re a parent, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you can always reach your kids and know they are safe. Keeping track of monthly household spending will be a snap with a single postpaid bill for all three lines and no more need to constantly share load.  As for your kids, knowing Mom and Dad are just a phone call away will surely keep them feeling secure. And with their choice of unlimited services and gadgets, they’ll also be connected to their best pals all summer long.

Martha Sazon, Head of Globe Postpaid, explains, “My Super Circle Plan is a first of its kind, the only fully-customizable group plan that’s perfect for families who want to stay in touch around the clock. With its menu of unlimited services and your choice of gadgets, you can get your whole family Globe-connected, and you can pick and choose the things that you like best so that every member of the family can get something they love.”

Your family is special enough to celebrate every single day, and My Super Circle Plan is the best way to do it.   Head to a Globe Store now to show them how much that family circle means to you.

My SuperCIRCLE Plan is available at Globe Stores nationwide until July 15, 2011. To know more about My SuperCIRCLE Plan, call the Sales Hotline at (02) 7301010.