Diablo 3 will require a constant on internet connection, Blizzard doesn’t seem so awesome after all


We’ve been seriously excited about the eventual release of Diablo 3, but recent news just brought down our excitement down a notch…to 0. Seems like Blizzard is doing an Ubisoft by requiring players to always be online when playing their game. Yes, seems like old Blizzard took a page out of Ubisoft’s “how-to-piss-off-people-who-just-gave-you-money” playbook and copied it word per word. There will also be no modding of the game of any sort which is a surprise considering there’s a huge modding community for Blizzard’s other titles. Finally, there will be RMT, or real money trading of items. Meaning anyone can buy (and sell) items in the game’s auction house for cold, hard, cash. We’ve already taken one highly anticipated game off of our shopping list (Driver 3) because of draconian, always-on DRM measures like the one Blizzard wants to implement, and it seems more than likely we’re taking another one off. Oh well, there’s always Guild Wars 2….

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun